Doritos Crash The Super Bowl IV

Crash the Super Bowl is an award-winning program that allows Doritos fans to create television ads for the brand with the hope that their work will be aired during the Super Bowl. Over the years different prizes have been offered and bonuses given for spots that take the top spot on the USAToday AdMeter. The program is all-encompassing and has multiple levels of consumer engagement. During the program, the brand offers something for everyone. Whether you’re an aspiring MadMan or just shopping for your family’s favorite snack.
I started working on Frito Lay the year they launched Crash the Super Bowl I and worked on the program through the fourth iteration. Each year we were tasked with keeping the program fresh, providing an updated overall concept then executing that from branding all the way to in-store and event management. We partnered with Goodby Silverstein and Partners for digital execution.

Frito Lay

Consumer Engagement Program